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Pride Health provides prescription strength treatments and free virtual visits with our medical team. Convenient, non-judgmental treatment that works. Specifically formulated and prescribed by and for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Acne Cream

I was feeling down the past couple of months. My dating life was getting a real hit by my acne problems! I stopped going out on dates as I used to get severely criticized about my skin. I was so lucky to find Pride Health and to book an online consultation with one of their dermatologists. They were understanding and so much aware of the stressors of the lesbian-dating scene. They started me with Pride Health’s Acne Cream and, since, I regained confidence in myself and my skin! - Arlene Andres  

Dark Circles Cream

As a trans woman, I started getting dark circles under my eyes while on HRT. The thinning of the skin made them even more prominent. So I tried adjusting my sleep but that was not enough! Luckily, I found Pride Health and connected with one of their doctors. They made it so easy and simple to talk to them openly about my skin problem as well as my feelings with no judgment or shame! Trans QUEENS...this is your Mecca for beauty and love. - Queen G


Pride Health changed my life! Based on a friend’s recommendation, I booked an appointment with one of Pride Health’s doctors. I felt so at home during my online consultation because the doctor was so friendly and understanding. He made me feel super comfortable as I talked about my health concerns and my interest in starting PREP. The consultation was super simple and the shipment arrived on time! - Tyler Sassoon 

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